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About Us
David Drennan

Good People Management was founded by David Drennan in 1986 to specialise, as the name indicates, in the business of people management. For some years a Director of a company judged ‘The Best Company to Work For in the UK’, namely the Mars Group, he knows the critical difference good people management makes to the performance of any business.

Since 1986, GPM has worked with clients in government organizations, and in manufacturing and service industries in three different continents. Apart from our UK office, we also have principal offices in Vienna, Austria, and Cape Town, South Africa.

The work we have done for our clients has ranged from the installation of practical people management systems to changing the whole culture of the organization. Indeed, so much has culture change become a speciality of the business that David Drennan produced a widely acclaimed book on the subject, titled Transforming Company Culture.

In the 1990's, David helped Unipart Group set up a new company Premier Exhausts using advanced people management systems. Five years later, after a lot of hard work, the company won the title Best Factory in Britain. Since that time we have been helping clients use these same and other world class practices to reach exceptional levels of performance. Encapsulating our experience world-wide, David Drennan has now written a book on the subject titled The 12 Ladders to World Class Performance, published by Kogan Page.

We have worked with clients large and small, in many different countries. You can see a list on our Client List page.

Whatever business you're in, it's truly people that make the difference. Whatever technology you're using, whatever systems, software, hardware, plant or equipment, in the end it's people that make it all work. Other companies in your kind of business can copy your products, your technology or your systems, but they can't copy your people. They are what make you unique.

Our goal in GPM is to take our own well-developed systems, and practical techniques used by world class companies, and make them work in your organization. We help you turn on the power in your own people, help make them into your most valuable - and uncopiable - asset.

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