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Getting Things Done With Your Time

It's the perennial subject, we know, but with companies getting leaner all the time, the pressure on managers' time is getting ever more intense. Use these time management techniques and gain yourself an hour of valuable extra time every day - guaranteed.

Is Your Business Really World Class?

A survey among British companies showed that some 70% of firms believed they were at or approaching world class standard. A subsequent comparison of real performance figures with world class companies elsewhere showed only 2% actually came within the world class bracket. Take this audit, and find out where your company is now.

Managing Employee Expectations - Part 1

The basic principles about expectations may be easy to understand, but when you do, they will change how you manage every day . . . and for ever. So many instances where expectations are important occur daily in management, it is knowledge that will change how you deal not only with employees, but with your boss, your colleagues . . . even your friends and family.

Managing Employee Expectations - Part 2

There come times in every manager’s life when there is no alternative but to communicate bad news. No-one likes nasty surprises, and employees are no exception. That's where educated and sensitive managing of employee expectations can avoid the worst kinds of resentment and protest that often follow.

How To Earn Your Employees' Trust

Trust is a vital factor in the business of managing people. But trust is not a given, it has to be earned. Your words are important, of course, but that's not what is going to do it. Employees watch your behaviour, and base their opinions on what they see you do, versus what you say. That’s what makes them trust, or not trust.

Magical Employee Discipline

There is a great tendency among managers to think that discipline is about punishing misbehaviour - in a way which discourages repetition, and at the same time acts as an example to others. We've met many managers who think just that, but effective discipline is not about punishment . . .

Making Best Practice Standard In Your Business

Most managers think it’s a good idea in theory to adopt ‘best practice’ throughout their organization. But in practice, most don’t do it. Having to write everything down, and then do everything ‘by the book’ sounds like it will slow things up, and make the organization rule-bound and less creative. Wrong. Quite wrong.

Communications That Mean Business

The companies we visit all believe in the value of good employee communications, though many are not sure that the benefit is worth all the hard work and effort involved. But your communications system can and should make a positive contribution to the performance of your business. Here's how.

What Employee Surveys Can Do for Managers

Companies tend to measure those things that are important to them, for example sales, profit, costs, productivity, etc. However although many profess that “people are our greatest asset,” they manage that important asset simply by 'gut feel'. And you can manage that asset so much better when you have the facts about what they really think.


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